Tuesday, March 18, 2008

So many ideas, unfortunately not many are original!

Recently Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California, requested that the head of the EPA in California, sue the Federal government to enforce a new mandate to automakers to increase fuel mileage, thus decreasing emissions for the 2009 model year. Until the hearing, (which was heard in federal court in CA), the federal government made all decisions pertaining to CAFÉ (corporate fuel economy standards). The new ruling, certainly, to be appealed, will allow the great country of CA to make demands of automakers to build a lighter and more lethal form of transportation. Not to be outdone, our Governor, Martin O’Malley has decided to adopt the “California Emissions Standards”, as challenged by Arnold.
Both Governors make the stand about emissions and pollution, and target automobiles, causing ANOTHER raise in prices, to an already “pushed to the limit” industry, that has created vehicles that already produce a product that creates less CO per mile then a burning cigarette! Both Governors feel so fanatical about pollution, and yet neither one of these governors can stem the pollution from their own storm drain systems. California’s drainage system has contributed to approximately 1/3 of the “floating dump” in the Northern Pacific, which has just been recently measured at “twice the size of the state of Texas!” Governor O’Malley doesn’t have the same junkyard to his credit, but yet he can’t seem to curb the drainage overflow from the Gynn’s Falls. This pollution isn’t hard to prove, all one needs to do is visit the Inner Harbor after a medium rainfall. The Chesapeake Bay has always been under the control of the Governor, and the pollution from the Susquehanna, although popular to blame other states, isn’t the only answer to curbing our water pollution.
Maybe the EPA arm of the Federal Government should sue the states of California and Maryland to stop their water pollution of the Pacific Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay, if that would happen, maybe the “monkey see, monkey do” attitudes attributed to the California initiative would come to a screeching halt.

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