Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It seems particularly funny to me…

That while Ben Cardin, and Barbara Mikulski, actively seek to add more residents to our state by way of the BRAC influx, that Martin O’Malley is driving them from the state. In an article on December 20,2007 the Examiner showed that since 2003 and ending in 2006 34,775 people have “voted with their feet”, and elected to move from our state. These figures don’t even begin to address the latest tax fest in secret by the 3 amigos, MoM, Mike Miller, and Busch. If the new figures show what is apparent to most Marylanders, this figure could possibly double in the next two years. So if we have just as many people leaving our state as coming in with the BRAC program, why do we need to spend a billion or more increasing an infrastructure, that we have trouble maintaining now? Has anybody in government thought about how much it will cost to maintain infrastructures that nobody is left to use?

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