Friday, March 21, 2008

Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the crazy uncle in the basement?

Senator Obama characterizes Rev.Wright as his religious mentor, and the very man who introduced him to Christianity. His connection with this man has lasted for two decades, and yet the Senator says there have been many times that he doesn’t agree with his incendiary remarks on race and government. We remember just a month ago when Senator Obama was defending himself about another supporter, Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam. Farrakhan, and Rev. Wright have one thing in common, they don’t apologize for their bigoted comments, and in fact they thrive on them. The video clips we have seen on TV come from a DVD collection that Rev. Wright and his church chooses to market to the public. The very idea that he personally chose the clips to include on that DVD set, shows they were the crass remarks, and actions he wanted his followers to see about his character. Senator Obama likened the remarks of Rev. Wright to those of his “white grandmother”, although his grandmother was from another point in time and wasn’t in the position of inciting many people to take actions on her bigoted point of view. He also made a point of saying how the Trinity United Church of Christ is a church founded by white benefactors. These remarks on their own are incendiary, as they play the race card. It makes NO difference whatsoever, if his grandmother was white, or whites founded his church, he seems to miss the point entirely, that the remarks of the Minister were wrong, and yet he made the choice to play to white guilt, to drive home those points. There have been reports that a newscaster was in the church the very Sunday after 9/11, and had confirmed that Senator Obama was present also, to hear Wright’s ranting about how the US government has brought this on themselves. It seems to me that if Senator Obama didn’t agree with this assessment, he should have chosen to distance himself at that point in time. Senator Obama’s wife seems to share a lot of views that Rev. Wright does, recently voicing her opinion about how only since her husband has chosen to run for president, does she have anything to be proud of in America.

My opinion is this……Senator Obama is caught between a rock and a hard place right now. He rode the waves of bigotry, as a means to achieve the position as an Illinois, state and later a US Senator. He needed the support of Farrakhan to win his position, and now that he has the position he wishes to distance himself from the Nation of Islam. I think we are seeing a reverse discrimination of sorts, serving only to alienate the white vote that he has enjoyed. Although the black contingient wants us to believe that we are “cherry picking” statements in this discussion, I think they are stating a far deeper rooted problem of a problem in Illinois of a radicalism that doesn’t seem to go away. Obama has chosen to continue his friendship with Rev. Wright; even after admitting he has known about his inflammatory remarks for years. But the bigger problem seems to be, that Barack Obama wants to use his race to divide America, making the republicans feel guilty for condemning the left as a black and white issue rather then a moral issue. How can he pull the races of America together, when he surrounds himself with bigoted people?
An old proverb has said……. ”Show me your friends and I’ll show you your character”
If this is the case, Senator Obama sees fit to certainly “run with the wrong crowd”, and doesn’t apologize for it, only to try to explain it away.

Rev Wright’s DVD set

Partial interview on Hannity and Colmes truly shows this man's anger

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