Tuesday, March 18, 2008

No lies evaluation of Obama based on his record

We have all read the lies about Barack Obama, painting his past history as a Muslim, his militant black church ties, and all the things Hillary Clinton tries to paint him with. A quick trip to snopes.com dispels most of the inaccuracies. Some people think that America isn’t ready for a black president, and some are. If we choose to put all that aside and judge him for what he really is and what he has done, we can get a better picture as to the character of the man. To begin with Obama makes a controversial claim to say the least. He claims to have never voted for the war in Iraq. This claim is nothing but a play on words, because yes he was a senator at the time, but he was a state senator and not in a position to vote for or against the war in the United States Senate. In his rather vehement denouncing of the war in Iraq, he may give you the wrong impression, as most people view him as a “dove” or pacifist. You would be mistaken however, as his position on the Middle east needs to be taken in it’s entirety to show an accurate picture of Obama’s position. Sen. Obama feels that we merely invaded the wrong countries. The top countries on Sen. Obama’s “hit list” are Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran, and his dislike for them makes him look more “hawkish” then Hillary. No matter how intelligent the public perceives him to be, or how great of an orator he appears to be, what a great author he looks like, the fact still remains that he is still a Junior Senator. Shall we look at his experience in the U.S. Senate? Since Obama has been in office 200 votes have come in front of the senate. This caring individual, a self- appointed spokesman for the “little guy”, the downtrodden has had been recorded as a NO VOTE 143 times. So important was this position to him, and yet he was either absent or it was his choice not to vote 71.5% of the time. He did however vote 55 times, but not one time against party lines. I’m afraid this democratic senator is just as transparent as the other one he is battling; sometimes the documented actions of a senator tell more of a picture then lies.

Votes by Barack Obama

Obama’s Middle- east Policy

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