Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I believe

I believe, that the United States of America is the best country in the world bar none.

I believe, the founding fathers wrote the Constitution of our country based on their belief in Christianity, and encouraged the practice of all religions but not at the expense of the others.

I believe, the Supreme Court should interpret the Constitution and not legislate from the bench.

I believe, the Constitution is a legal document, and not a living document subjected to constant change.

I believe, the course to peace is based on strong military, strong principles, and not a pacifist denial approach.

I believe, the second amendment is the right of every citizen in our country, and people not guns are the cause of murder.

I believe, in the death penalty as a form of public compliance to our laws.

I believe, a declared “hate crime” should not just be limited to describe the victimization of one race, or religion, but should be applied equally.

I believe, taxes are necessary to run our country and benefit our citizens, and not to give to foreign governments to “buy” friendships

I believe, the government should have no right to tax a dead man’s estate on money he has already paid taxes on.

I believe, the President should have the power of the Line Item Veto.

I believe, that Senator’s and Congressmen should have term limits the same as the other elected officials.

I believe, that Senators and Congressmen should eliminate the word “entitlements” from their vocabulary.

I believe, that taxation in our country is disproportionate according to annual salaries, and serves to polarize citizens within the system.

I believe, “Affirmative Action” is neither affirmative nor action, and should be eliminated, as it’s just another form of prejudice.

I believe, that “pork barrel” or “earmarks” should be eliminated, as they are detrimental to budgetary constraints of our country.

I believe, in a balanced budget amendment with the exception of a declaration of war.

I believe, that if it’s so easy to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for a Presidential
Position that pays $400K a year, then the amount raised should be taxed.

I believe, in governing our own country, and never handing power of a New World Order to the United Nations for any treaty.

I believe, to insure the safety of our citizens, we need to secure our borders and enforce existing immigration, and hiring laws.

I believe, that English should be declared our formally language, should be used in business dealings at home, and English should be taught in school systems to mainstream students.

I believe, that immigrants to our country should be made to assimilate to our culture, and not the other way around.

I believe, global warming is a reality, but to declare that man made emissions are the main cause, based primarily on computer based models, is akin to believing that weathermen can predict next week’s weather based on a “preponderance of evidence.”

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