Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Change THEY believe in, but can anyone else?

When Barack Obama started his Presidential campaign he basically had no experience in anything but running for office. He put a spin on that inexperience anyway he could by convincing the general public he was an “outsider”, above it all, not one of the old school politicians of the” Washington crowd.”

In a way he was right, because he started his career in one of America’s most politically corrupt cities, Chicago. In a town where, to get anywhere, you need to do a lot of backslapping, hand shaking, and make shady back room deals, to climb the political ladder.

When Barack ran for state senate he had already immersed himself into the causes of his district, and sought to endear himself to the people of that area as a champion of their needs and wants.

When Obama sought the US Senate seat he needed to appeal to a much larger area, and thereby different groups. The district he won runs right through NOI (Nation of Islam’s) backyard. No politician has ever won that seat without Louis Farrakhan’s blessing, and Barack is no exception. Obama did what he needed to do to win that seat. He played the Islamic name game with that crowd because it immensely benefited him at the time.

Once he had the US Senate seat, and decided to run for President, he made the decision to distance himself from NOI, and Louis Farrakhan, (something all seasoned politicians do with regularity.) He had won at the “good ol boy’s network” of Chicago’s crooked politics.

Senator Obama’s experience was limited to basically to 2 years in the Senate, as he made the decision to run for President of the United States, and a combination like that doesn’t lend itself well to doing the job he was hired to do. Of those 2 years, Senator Obama only voted 55 times out of 200 on issues in front of him. He chose to vote “present” 71% of the time, and make no decisions on those issues. As a result he hasn’t done his job 71% of the time. This year he has voted even less, leaving the voices of his constituency even farther behind then they were before he was elected.

He speaks about “change we can believe in,” and yet he has picked a Vice Presidential running mate that is the very thing that he accuses John McCain of, a product of Washington. Forget the story of riding back and forth to his home in Wilmington Delaware on a daily basis by Amtrack to Washington. Senator Joe Biden is a Professional Politician! He’s been a Senator since 1973. He vocally made a case for removing Saddam Hussein, voted for the invasion of Iraq, and then changed his mind later, exclaiming, that President Bush had lied about his intelligence collection. The intelligence collection was done mostly by President Clinton’s administration, and after a senate subcommittee investigation, President Bush’s administration was fully cleared.

Senator Biden, and Senator Obama, do have one thing in common though, and that is real estate and how they acquired it or sold it. Everyone by now knows about Obama’s questionable property acquisition in Chicago through the indicted, Chicago insider Tony Resko, but few know as of yet about Biden’s sweet deal. Senator Biden’s main campaign contributor in 2000 was MBNA, the huge credit card company. The company made many donations through top ranking officers right to the legal limit. One officer stayed back in Maryland ( MBNA’s home state, until the move to DE.) The board of directors wanted this officer physically closer to the corporate office, so they made a shady deal for Biden to sell his home to the moving director. This is where things get fuzzy. Biden and MBNA made a deal at what some realtors in the area called “questionable,” as the reported 1.2 million dollar sale was way above the price that house should have brought on the open market. Could this deal have been a vehicle of legally transferring funds to Biden?

Subsequent bills containing credit card financing issues that would benefit MBNA, Joe Biden voted in favor of. Strangely Biden’s son, Hunter was given an executive job at MBNA, but resigned that job when the heat was turned up on his father in 2001. Hunter Biden started his own lobbying firm shortly after this “inside experience.”

The MBNA issue is closed now as the company sold to Bank of America, but the morals of the politician continue. The point in all this is…..the very basis of Obama’s campaign is “change”, and it sure looks like the same old thing, just packaged differently!


Anonymous said...

At least the republicans have the order right on the ticket, not that Biden is even in the same catagory as McCain is.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Al...