Friday, September 5, 2008

The feeding frenzy continues…..

I want to know how the loony left and the loony left media thinks it’s ok to question the motives of people who aren’t even involved in the Presidential campaign, ie: Sarah Palin’s husband, and her 17 year old daughter. Sarah Palin’s husband was found guilty of a DUI at the VERY same time Barack Obama admitted that he used cocaine, and they are grilling her about that? How about the fact that her 17 year old daughter is pregnant, but yet Sarah was so determined to bring a Down Syndrome child to full term? What is wrong with these two groups? Barack Obama has yet to explain his connections with Bill Ayers, and Joe Biden has to answer his connections to MBNA, DuPont, and his campaign contributions.

Has Joe Biden rid his state of corruption? Has Joe Biden stood on his convictions to the point of making personal choices that support them? Has Joe Biden removed corruption from Delaware rather then adding to it? Has Joe Biden beaten two corrupt incumbents?

The left sees Sarah Palin as a threat plain and simple, she is a woman who stands on her principles, and has rid her state of shady politics. She believes in religion, gun rights, drilling in Alaska for oil, pro-life, and she comes from a blue collar real working family! In fact her husband works in the oil fields, and not just in management. Her family has endured hardship, just like Joe Biden’s but she chose to beat the system and not just be part of the problem, or to continue the existing problem!


Anonymous said...

I think this Lady has really opened some people's eyes that were just 'laying back'. I don't believe she is one to throw empty promises. Really good move on McCain's part....

Anonymous said...

I am really sick of the media!!!! Life is what it is. Get over it media

Anonymous said...

Best line from McCain's speech last night.

"I had the pleasure of introducing Sarah Palin to (something, don't remember), but can't wait to introduce her to Washington".