Friday, September 12, 2008

Finally MSNBC gets a muzzle

It seems that sponsors have made a dent in the far left leaning media of MSNBC. The far left wing of the normally left leaning NBC has made a statement about their crazy pitbull commentators Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann. It seems they violated a promise that they made to their bosses at MSNBC, that they could provide an “unbiased” commentation on the Republican Nation Convention. Their very nature runs contrary to that statement, and true to form they couldn’t hold their collective tongues.

The deep end of Olbermann’s career was shown as he criticized MSNBC’s showing of a paid commercial prepared by the RNC during their broadcast. Although MSNBC had defended the two commentators, they abandoned their support after comments by Olbermann on the false comments about Sarah Palin’s past. His comments included; "We'll see if people feel sorry for unfounded rumors on the Internet." "If that's the case, Senator Obama's probably standing up and cheering and waiting for people to feel sorry for him."

Perhaps most embarrassing, Joe Scarborough was discussing positive developments in John McCain's campaign at one point when Olbermann was heard on an offstage microphone saying: "Jesus, Joe, why don't you get a shovel?"

Obviously advertisers made a statement loud and clear that the left leaning pitbulls won’t be supported any longer.

I only hope that the advertisers on Olbermann’s individual show will show the same intelligence that that all his past employers have shown and send him and Chris Matthews packing!


Anonymous said...

And who really expected them to keep their promises? I think it is called 'dirty politics'...

Anonymous said...

Couldn`t Say It Better Myself!
Great post -- And every word is true --