Tuesday, March 25, 2008

An Open Letter to Democrats

You use a new catch phrase to define the people who don’t believe the way you do. That term is Neo-conservative, but what you don’t understand is that you have created that persona. As your party moves to the left, the defense of the Republican Party moves farther to the right. Our two parties used to meet in the middle, what exactly happened to widen the divide? Your desire to take from the rich and give to the poor? Your programs of entitlement? Your disrespect of the very things that our forefathers had intended while forming our country? The disrespect for our military? The cutting of funds to assure the strength of our military? The ability to outspend every dollar taken in the name of the down trodden? The need to hand our rights as a country over to a world court system? The desire to acquire unfettered control to enact an unfair world emissions treaty? Maybe the need to attach pork barrel to real programs so they will be voted down based entirely on the pork barrel and not the real issue? Possibly the need to keep illegal aliens in our country, thus alienating the legal aliens since the formation of our country? Eliminate religion from our schools and government buildings? The need to control every facet of our lives in the name of federal law? Maybe the social programs that not only include the people of our country, but for other countries as well.

What is it exactly that you wish us to do? Raise taxes the same magnitude as your party does? Congratulate you on your programs of entitlement and suggest more? Creatively interpret the Constitution? Cut funds to our fighting men and women on a much larger scale, and then spit on our heroes as they arrive home after a long fought battle for freedom? Hand over world trade and security to the United Nations? Let the UN tell us what emissions we are allowed to produce and then monetarily punish us for anything over that? Attach our own pork barrel programs to yours so the main bill now becomes a “side show?” Grant illegal aliens the same rights as citizens as our country, and let them access all government programs they have never paid a dime into? Form an all-volunteer “army” to remove the “Ten Commandments” from the Supreme Court Building, and remove all crosses from the Arlington National Cemetery? Eliminate all state laws and instead institute only federal law, making it very easy for a sitting president to declare martial law? Spend more money on countries outside our own, so they will like and accept us?

We are half the equation of balance in our country, just as you are, and we deserve and demand the same amount of respect!

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